Hello! My name is Dominic.

I started this blog because i felt like i needed to share my story and tips to get you started on making healthy habits. Everything i write on this blog is coming from my knowledge and my experience. I like sharing information about how the food we eat, habits we make affect our everyday lives, and what we should do to change it.

I was struggling with my weight during teenage years. I was getting more and more obese. I started using alcohol as a way to cope with my it. As i was in my early 20’s, i realized i needed to change. Thinking about how i might look like in the near future scared me. If i keep living like this, will i still be alive by the age of 30? I weighted 157 kg / 346 lbs.

Going through all kinds of diets, i wouldn’t stick with any for long enough. I was also depressed and anxious about my future. This would lead me to destructive binge eating. I may have lost some weight, but binging sent me back to where i started. Binging for days at a time made problems even worse but i just couldn’t help myself.

I just had huge urges to eat junk food, drink alcohol and smoke a lot to cope with my depression and anxiety. But, one day i finally decided that enough is enough. I quit smoking and drinking. I was still eating junk though so i started getting rid of all the bad habits one by one. I started by cleaning up the house. This way, even if i had cravings i would know that there’s no junk food in my home.

I lost a lot of weight just by eliminating sweets and white bread. But i still had a long way to go. As i was getting more and more interested in nutrition and after seeing results from changing my diet, i was hooked. I knew i had to know more about it. I would spend hours and hours reading tons of articles on the internet about nutrition.

As i was reading for hours i stumbled upon this diet called “ketogenic diet”. It seemed promising and, it was. It was well worth it. I was in weight loss plateau at that time. Just eating “healthy” wasn’t working anymore. I knew there was something wrong but i followed most common advices on diet and nutrition. Like, 5 meals a day, high carb, low fat, high protein diet etc.

There wasn’t much improvement, so i gave ketogenic diet a try, and i can say that it was the best decision in my life. Finding out about intermittent fasting led me to getting even greater results. I felt amazing seeing the weight go down. I felt a lot better about myself, more focused, increased energy, confidence, less anxiety and all that good stuff.

I’m still working hard each day to get where i want to, considering how i looked and felt like vs how i look and feel now. I’m glad i started keto and intermittent fasting. It is one of the best diets in my opinion.

As i was changing, i was studying a lot about nutrition. I was hooked. I spent hours and hours day by day just to get as much information as possible. Now, i feel like i want to share my tips with everyone. It helped me. It may help someone else as well.

I started this blog just for that, to help other people. I may not be the best writer yet but, i’ll keep trying and improving along the way. Feel free to ask me anything!